Marrakesh airport considered the most beautiful in the world

Marrakesh airport considered the fourth most beautiful in the world. Stands out for its natural light and massage spaces.

We had no idea that Morocco had such an airport. The new Marrakesh-Manara terminal has 42,000 square meters and is full of shops, restaurants and spaces for massages and relaxation.

It stands out because of the intense natural light that illuminates all the space through the glass that is a fundamental architectonic piece. It was inaugurated in 2016 and is the fourth most beautiful in the world.

Marrakesh-Menara Airport has two passenger terminals located in one large building. A third terminal is being built. The existing T1/T2 offer a space of 42,000m² and has a designed capacity of 4.5 million passengers a year.

The separate freight-terminal has 340m² covered space. The air terminals (1 and 2) are 22,000m² (236,806 sq ft) and designed to handle 2,500,000 passengers in a year. Menara is one of the six airports in Morocco where ONDA offers its special VIP service.

See photos below:


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