“House of Cards” prepares its return after the scandal of Kevin Spacey

The filming of the latest season of the award-winning political drama has been suspended since last month after Netflix dismissed its protagonist.

In a letter to the cast and crew of Netflix’s film, the producers of the political drama indicated that the filming of the final season will be extended for another two weeks until December 8.

Netflix announced earlier this month that the next season would be the last, following reports of sexual misconduct against Spacey, who was fired from production days after the allegations against him went public.

According to several reports from the press, it is likely that the character of Frank Underwood will disappear in the first chapter of the final season.

“What we have learned throughout this process is that this production is bigger than just one person,” Media Rights Capitali said in the staff letter. In the text they stated that they will have more news about the filming on December 8.

It was expected that Season Six of House of Cards would consist of 13 episodes and debuted in mid-2018 on Netflix. Several local media are already talking about the streaming service analyzing launching a spin-off around Doug Stamper a role played by Michael Kelly.


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