The 100% electric Mercedes-Benz Citaro bus will be on the street by the end of 2018

The first Mercedes-Benz Citaro urban buses, one hundred percent electric, already have a first customer, an urban transport called Rhein-Neckar. Although the deliveries will not start until the end of next year 2018.

The German manufacturer (or more specifically the subsidiary EvoBus GmbH) and the transport company Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH have already signed a memorandum of understanding. In addition to the supply of the electric buses themselves, both will collaborate by sharing information about the operation of this technology in real day-to-day operations.

The electric variant of the Mercedes-Benz Citaro is almost ready for production at the EvoBus plant in Mannheim, and will feature modular lithium-ion batteries and electric motors installed on the wheels of the rear axle. In addition, it promises “intermediate” recharge solutions, beyond the classic charging point in the operations center. At the moment, no specifications have been announced.

The new Mercedes-Benz electric bus is currently being tested in extreme conditions.

“We are convinced that the battery-powered Citaro and its intelligent thermal and energy management systems will be a milestone for the urban public transport of the future.

We are developing our electric buses with great care to achieve reliable use in tough routines of use”, says Hartmut Schick, head of Daimler Buses and CEO of EvoBus GmbH.


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