The Christmas decoration of the White House looks like a horror movie

Forget the Backhand World of Stranger Things . The strangest thing of 2017 is that, the White House has decided to welcome Christmas by decorating the presidential residence as if it were a dark alternative dimension, in which every living being is dying and hope has been lost. It may be appropriate, but it’s still a very strange decision.

The White House communications director , Stephanie Grisham, shared this look at the first Christmas decoration of the White House of First Lady Melania Trump , and basically it is the scene of a horror movie. Just look at those dry and dying branches that cast evil and sinister shadows on the walls, as if they were trying to take their fury to a gray and apathetic sky.

Of course, the hallway looks better when all the lights are on , but still has the problem that the decor is so boring that it makes the White House look too … white and unpleasant. However, the staff can not leave the lights on all the time, and when they are off the nightmare becomes a reality, turning this corner into one of the most terrifying corridors in the United States.

So it’s time for us to think about some fun comparisons. What is this image of the White like?

  • The forest that warns Chris about the “Sunken Place” in Get Out .
  • Judge Frollo’s playroom in which he sings “The devil is much stronger than a man” in the Disney movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame .
  • The forests of the movie The Witch (and also of The Village , by M. Night Shyamalan).
  • The favorite forest of the White Witch in Narnia , before those annoying kings and queens came to ruin their fun.
  • Basically any episode of American Horror Story .
  • That place where Voldemort drinks the blood of a unicorn in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone .
  • The road that leads to the cabin in the forest of Cabin in the Woods .

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