14 great ideas to decorate your home with Christmas trees on the wall

Christmas is just around the corner and unless you’re just a single guy, you should be looking for how to decorate your home for the holidays.

I love Christmas trees, but I have a problem, my house is small and there is definitely no space for a traditional Christmas tree.

Then I started looking and found these 14 super original ideas of modern Christmas trees that you can put together on a wall or even at the door.

1. With Christmas decorations

2. With lights

3. With spheres

4. With artificial foliage and lights

5. With artificial foliage in 3D

6. With rods

7. With photos

8. With a guide of lights and spheres

9. More lights

10. At the door

11. With different materials and textures

13. This idea is great, you can make a post-it tree with good wishes or purposes to fulfill

14. With paper


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