Customs finds new method used to smuggle in foreign rice

The Nigerian customs has said unscrupulous elements are working very hard and coming up with deceitful ways to smuggle foreign rice into the country.

The Sokoto/Kebbi/Zamafara command of the Nigerian customs, in a statement on Wednesday said, revealed that unscrupulous elements now conceal the smuggled rice in local sacks in order to deceive customs officials and gain easy entry into the country.

However, the comptroller in charge in the statement said the Sokoto/Kebbi/Zamafara command would work hard to stop criminals form of smuggling in unwanted product into the country.

“The command has discovered another way of smuggling Foreign Rice into the Country using Local sacks to conceal it. The Comptroller has made it clear that Nigeria Customs would not allow any form of smuggling into the Country and appealed to the people to avert smuggling activities.”


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