Facebook is using artificial intelligence to prevent suicides

20% of the world’s population already uses Facebook, which translates into an enormous amount of information to be managed. Now the technological giant relies on artificial intelligence to detect patterns of behavior and information that could end in suicide.

For some months users have been able to tell the network about a sign that a friend is thinking about suicide. Specialized teams then contact you to offer help.

What is new however, is that an artificial intelligence system follows the indicated posts to identify possible suicidal patterns. Comments & Reviews like “Is everything alright?” are taken into account and the tool analyzes videos, especially if they are transmitted live.

From here, Artificial Intelligence gets in touch with human experts who contact you or your friends to offer help.

Mark Zuckerberg says it is still possible to reduce the time the social network takes to contact users by 30%. The social network already has agreements with some suicide prevention institutions in the United States and the goal is to expand the model to all countries, although it will not be possible in the European Union because of legal limitations.

About 100 people have been successfully rescued.


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