Meghan Markle is pregnant

This week, InTouch has on its cover, Meghan Markle is pregnant. That’s why they got engaged, to get married before the arrival of the baby.

As you already know Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement after months of speculation. Now InTouch says that Meghan is preggo.

“Prince Harry and Meghan Markle thrilled the world with their engagement, but they have an even bigger surprise: A baby is on the way.”

Of course, after Harry said this week that he wants to start a family in the near future, the tabloid says that that future has already arrived and there is a baby in Meghan’s womb.

“Meghan is pregnant … They did not expect it to happen so fast.”

“Meghan’s pregnancy is the reason why the couple drained the nuptials.”

“She would prefer to get married while she has a small tummy. She does not want to be seen as the pregnant girlfriend. “

The magazine says that Meghan is weeks ahead and that she will be about six months gone when she marries Harry in May. And although, they say she has a small baby bump, she “did everything possible to hide her growing belly” when she posed for the official photos of the announcement of her engagement.

Whatever! Now the latest pregnant woman is Meghan Markle, and that’s how it will be until she gets married and after she gets married and after she gets pregnant … they’ll make her pregnant again because that’s how the tabloids are.


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