They finally present a new and better statue of CR7

There are excellent artists who have done the greatest and most beautiful works such as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, then we have Emanuel Santos, the guy who made the previous bust of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The truth is that we have not yet been able to forget that funny figure that tried to pay tribute to one of the best players of the moment, however, finally someone compensated that misfortune with a new figure and well done.

At that time, Santos was criticized right and left for his horrendous creation, saying that “it is not as simple as it seems”. He also tried to defend his work on BBC when he said: “it is impossible to please the Greeks and Trojans. Jesus did not please everyone either.”

The truth is that we do not consider him to be so bad at all, because he had the ability to make a character that many see as a superhero, just look like an animal.

To compensate for the badly done job, and the complacency of all the fans of the soccer player, the Spanish sculptor José Antonio Navarro Arteaga has made a new figure and an excellent work worthy of Cristiano.

The sculptor says that his motivation to carry out the work is his son, who is a lover and a fan of Real Madrid. He begged him to make a nice version of the statue wrongly made.

The artist did not reveal how much time it took to achieve it, but taking into account Santos, who said that he took 15 days to make his horrifying statue, we consider that José Antonio must have spent a lot more time doing a good job.

In the end, the statue was ordered to commemorate the change of name of an airport in the birthplace of Ronaldo, Maderia.

The 52-year-old sculptor says he had to work with the soccer player’s photos to create the piece, since he knew the player would be too busy to pose. He told the Spanish newspaper El Mundo: I used several photos of Cristiano to work. What he wanted to reflect was his inner strength, when he was preparing to launch a free kick or a corner.

Despite the great effort, the Real Madrid player could not attend the opening of the event, but apparently he saw the excellent work of José and sources say he is happy with the work. But, as always, not even this new statue is saved from those who wanted to make memes: Are we already making memes of the new #Cristiano Ronaldo statue …?


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