Argentina abandons the search for survivors of the missing submarine, they will only look for the remains

The Armada of the Argentine Republic (ARA) has announced that they are finishing the rescue phase of survivors of the submarine that disappeared in November. From now on they will only look for the remains of the submarine on the seabed.

This was announced by Enrique Balbi, a spokesman for the Argentine Navy, who highlighted that 18 rescue countries participated in the rescue operation using “state-of-the-art technology”. Unfortunately, the ARA has killed 44 crew members (43 men and the first female submariner in Latin America) and will only find the remains of the ship. Balbi also stated that they found no evidence of shipwreck.

“It has not been possible to locate the submarine and there will be no rescue of people. The search time for rescue possibilities has been extended up to twice. […] It is not a matter of depth, but of time. ”

On November 15, the ARA San Juan disappeared on the edge of a continental slope.

During the search for the ship and the survivors, the rescue team feared for the lives of the 44 crew members due to the limited amount of oxygen they had. Each day that passed they had less air to breathe. From now on, the Navy will only search the ship at the bottom of the sea.


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