Messi’s brother crashed his boat and they found a weapon in it

Matías Messi, 35, was left with minor injuries but must give answers to the authorities concerning the firearm they found in the boat.

Lionel Messi elder brother had an accident when his boat hit a sand bank while sailing in Rosario town of Fighiera.

According to reports, Matías Messi who suffered minor injuries on his face went to a medical center to receive treatment and thereafter retired to his home.

However, when the police inspected the family boat, they found blood stain on it, so the prosecutor José Luis Caterina ordered the police to invite Matias Messi to clarify what happened in the boat.

A police source says Matias Messi has not been seen since he left the hospital. However, if he is not found, the Caterina will issue an arrest warrant.

This is not the first time such an incident is happening. On the 26th of August, police found a firearm in Lionel Messi’s brother’s Audi when he hit a truck at Esther Town, Argentina.


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