Who is Maria Komandnaya, the sensual presenter for the Russian World Cup draw

Russian sports journalist, María will take the stage, together with former footballer Gary Lineker, as the host of the event that will define the groups of the World Cup.

Maria Komandnaya will be the presenter at the World Cup draw. A journalist with Fox Sports in Russia, she also worked on Match TV and Moscow FM . And today she will be in charge, along with Gary Lineker to lead the draw ceremony of the World Cup to be held in her country.

“I am very excited about this opportunity to help present one of the biggest sporting events,” she told the FIFA website after hearing about her central role.

Maria already showed her radiant smile and her knowledge about football during the Confederations Cup 2016, in which Germany won. She is a well-known figure in her country and from this day on she will become a global face.

“When I was called by FIFA to inform me that I was on the list of candidates to present the draw, I was very happy.

“I had an interview with the representatives of FIFA, as they had to check my level of English and my knowledge as soon as possible. The next day they confirmed me for the position, I will be on the same stage with Gary Lineker and other football legends, I think the celebration of the World Cup in Russia is a great opportunity to show how beautiful our country is and how wonderful it is It’s your people, football unites, football is a language that everyone speaks about,” she wrote in Spanish, on her Instagram account.


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