Falz Experience: Why I’m organizing a concert –Falz

Nigerian badt guy Falz says he wants to bring music and comedy under one roof in an upcoming concert organized by him.

The multi talented singer who has a degree in law, who is seen by some if his fans as a comedian and has won multiple awards as a singer, says the idea behind the concert was to bring together all the facet of his entertainment career for the benefit of his fans.

The young singer said: “Some people are used to seeing my comedy skits on social media. Others are familiar with my music , while those from way back know me as a lawyer. There are those who are familiar with my multiple personalities and career. It ’ s a music concert that will incorporate different elements of my art, with support from the many colleagues I have collaborated with.”

Falz, who is the son of respected lawyer Femi Falana (SAN), has tagged his exclusive concert, The Falz Experience.


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