Ford sues John Cena for reselling its limited edition Ford GT 2017

Ford Motor Company has sued actor and wrestler John Cena for reselling his 2017 Ford GT , breaking the contract with the company. There are barely 500 car units in the world, and their owners are required by contract to keep them for two years. Dinner broke the contract.

Some brands of luxury cars carefully choose people who can buy their new models, especially their most limited editions. John Cena, along with 499 other people (including celebrities, rich and “influential persons”) were chosen as eligible buyers to pay between 450,000 and 500,000 dollars for Ford GT 2017, with the condition that they use the car for at least two years.

Cena was so excited that he posted a video on his fiancée’s YouTube channel, The Bella Twins, the day he received the car. Just a couple of months later, he has resold it, and at Ford they are upset.

The reason for the contract is simple: companies like Ford make owners sign these contracts so they do not get more profits than them. If they buy the car, it’s because they want to keep it. Now Ford is asking Cena to give the company extra profits in addition to the original price of the supercar, as well as “compensation for damages done to the brand”. Trust me, after this, Cena will never buy an exclusive Ford car.


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