8 Samurai lessons that apply to modern life

Bushido followers , a code of conduct that values high moral values, samurai lived in feudal Japan and it is speculated that the first came in the eighth century.

From the twelfth century, with the arrival of the dictator Minamoto Yoritomo to power, they became important, remaining linked to the government until the nineteenth century, when the Meiji era began.

Despite its near extinction, the legacy on account of the rigid code of honor and conduct remains alive and influences, mainly, Japanese society to this day. According to samurai doctrine, we have listed eight lessons that we can (and should) apply to the present day. Are they:

1 # Honesty

“I have no divine power, I make honesty my divine power.” This is a passage from the Samurai Creed. Honesty is necessary for the interpersonal relationship and this virtue is provided in the Bushido as an obligation for those who follow the doctrine.

2 # Honor

Of all the principles, honor is one of the primordial. You should never give up your honesty, for the decisions you make are a reflection of who you truly are. All men die, but their name and their legacy can be eternal.

3 # Discipline

When you set out to learn, you must know how to respect the teachings and maintain discipline over the one you have as superior. The stages of learning are: listening and reflecting. Be willing to do it to be better today than you were yesterday and get as close to perfection as possible.

4 # Grace

Those who have superior abilities must use them for the good of their neighbor above all else, and there is no need to prove that superiority to anyone. One should help others at every opportunity and be courteous even with their enemies.

5 # Duty

A pronounced word or an executed action will never be forgotten. The samurai does not shirk from his duties and is always entirely responsible for what he has done, bearing the consequences of these acts, whatever they may be.

6 # Self-control

Knowing how to control emotions in a situation is crucial to achieving the desired success. This self-control will make you aware and confident of your actions, even when there is a shortage of tactics.

7 # Readiness

Always be prepared for any adversities is imperative. A samurai must know how to read the situation with ease and dexterity to then act without hesitation, reaching his resolution.

8 # Courage

Fear is a form of failure for the samurai. From the teachings of Bushido, the individual must become secure and totally fearless, being prepared to face everything and everyone without any fear of defeat, always acting accurately even in the most adverse situations.


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