FG introduces emergency numbers for Nigerians in Libya

Following the reports that Nigerians are been sold in a slave trade market in Libya, the Federal Government has provided emergency phone numbers and email for distressed Nigerians in Libya who may wish to contact the nation’s mission in Tripoli for assistance.

Dr. Tope Elias-Fatile who is the spokesperson at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement on Sunday in Abuja, explained that the numbers are available 24 hours to render assistance to any Nigerian in need.

The numbers are , +218910144487, + 218925099384 and + 218917953365. The email addresses for contacting the Nigerian Embassy or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Abuja are : nigeria@nigeriantripoli.org and
help@foreignaffairs.gov.ng .

Young Africans on the migratory route to Europe sold at auctions as slaves, beaten, kidnapped in exchange for ransom. It’s been happening in Libya for years. Social organizations and the victims themselves have told their stories again and again, with little echo. However, a video released weeks ago by CNN that explains how this market for human beings works.


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