Check out this electric car with three wheels that costs only $ 10K

Earlier this year, the SONDORS Electric Car Company used crowdfunding to raise $1 million dollars. They have built a prototype of the evolutionary three-seaters, three-wheeled, full electric car.

Meet SONDORS Electric Car Company. After crowdfunding just over $1 million to bring a prototype with three seats, three wheels and full electric car to life, the company finally unveiled its baby at the LA Auto Show after just seven months of production.

The car, which has a striking look to say the least, will cost no more than $ 10,000. She comes with one of three lithium-ion batteries (either a range of 75, 150 or 200 miles), two front seats, a back seat, a start button and the ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in five to eight seconds.

It will also be equipped with the standard features of a regular electric car, such as air conditioning, electric windows, airbags, and according to Electrek: “both the exterior and the interior looks well designed, spacious and ‘normal’…the interior is pretty spartan but still beautiful, and it has impressive seats in such a small space. ”

About why there are only three wheels, SONDORS says it wanted to design a car with a low center of gravity to “provide excellent stability and driving dynamics while reducing the complexity of the drive.” This design also ensures less weight and a lower air resistance coefficient in more efficient energy consumption and performance.

The company’s founder, Storm Sondors, explains: “I believe that affordable, clean transport should be the norm and not the exception: you should not choose between a car that you can pay and a car that is electric. do it better.”

And now they want to raise another $ 2 million in just 60 days (via crowdfunding of course) “to prepare a model of SONDORS ready for production, we will work on increasing the extra funds needed for production tooling and testing

“The prototype is just the beginning, I want that the whole world embraces electric vehicles, “adds Sondors. “Wouldn’t it be nice to see SONDORS on the road, together we can change the way the world moves, electrically for everyone.”

If everything goes according to plan, customers can book their own ride (which is exclusively sold online) from April 2019 onwards.


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