VIDEO: Shatta Wale slaps his bodyguard for allowing an audience to touch him on stage

African rapper Shatta Wale has been seen in a video where he got physical with his bodyguard at the S-Concert held at the Accra Sports Stadium, Ghana.

Reacting to the video that has since gone viral, Shatta Wale said know body should try getting reactions from the bodyguard because the guard is loyal to him.

In a YouTube video, the dance-hall singer was seen performing on stage when an audience climbed onto the stage and reached for his leg.

Impulsively, one of his bodyguards rushed at the excited audience, shoving him away from the singer’s reach, and this apparently upset Shatta Wale who reacted by given his guard a slap.

After the video went viral via YouTube, and attracted a lot of criticism, the singer said via his Facebook page: “Nobody should think of Interview for my bodyguard ..He wont even answer you ..He is loyal and he understands the SMCODE ..hey folks today i want you guys to know SHATTA MOVEMENT IS BEYOND MUSIC….Sort your lives out cuz am living mine in a grand style..Biggie Sparta too Loyal”


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