Politics is business for many Nigerian politicians – Wabba

The president Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has said politics in this part of the world is more like a business.

The NLC president Comrade Ayuba Wabba aired his views on politics in Nigeria while in a meeting with a delegation from a Civil Society Organisation – ‘Say No Campaign Nigeria’ in Abuja on Tuesday, December 5.

Wabba said:

“Seeking political office should be to serve the people not to serve yourself, because if you look at our situation today, people look at politics as an investment including borrowing.

“And once you occupy that office, the first thing you do is to recover that investment and even make profit, so that’s why it is a business in the context of Nigerian politics. That is what have made our system very problematic.”

“We need to change the system. Until people of goodwill and conscience are able to occupy some of these positions, we will continue to go round in cycles.

“The problem of Nigeria has been that of leadership. If you look at our history, most of our leaders emerged through a kind of process you cannot explain. It is the decision of few that is usually imposed on the majority.

“These people have enormous resources, they wield enormous power and despite the fact that we continue to lament.

“Until we the masses address these issues through agitation, this problem will continue.

“They continue to exploit the poor and the weak, Their children are studying abroad. They access the best medical facilities but yet, they use certain vices and primordial interests to divide us.

“We have been at the forefront of the battle against corruption long before the anti-corruption regime came.

“One of our immediate focus right now is how the anti-corruption battle can actually become the citizens battle so that there would be no sacred cows and it can be driven by citizens.

“Part of what we are also doing is to ensure that we have a comprehensive data base of corruption allegations and that no one is swept under the carpet and forgotten.

“Specifically, we also seek opportunities for collaboration in general around impunity and corruption issues and in particular with respect to the rally on Friday.”


Author: NaijaRoko

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