This neighborhood of Delhi next to an airport thinks that the excrements that fall often from the sky are human (and they can be right)

A suburb of Delhi has reported to the authorities an unusual case: they are fed up with the continuous fall of excrements that come “from the sky”. Its residents think that it is human feces coming from the planes that pass daily, and they may be right.

The area in question is very close to the Delhi airport in India, which is why every day they see hundreds of planes passing by. On Friday of last week, the country’s environmental court, the National Green, commissioned a committee to investigate whether or not the faeces are of human origin. The order came after the residents complained once again about the waste that rained in their homes.

The court suspects that the feces could be bird droppings, but it is not so clear. Last year, some residents of the area issued several complaints about airplanes that had leaked sewage into the air. If so, the tricky thing is to know if Delhi Airport experiences a higher rate of this type of irregularities.

Be that as it may, it would not be unusual. At other airports, such as the Salt Lake International in Utah, similar cases have been reported . In fact, in October last year a neighbor who lived near the New Delhi airport filed a lawsuit after several of these “projectile” fell from the sky at night.

It was not the only case, two months later, in December 2016, a 60-year-old woman, Rajrani Gaud, suffered a shoulder injury, according to the witnesses, was caused” by human excrement falling from the sky”. In this latest incident, the description that the neighbors made was that of a “piece of frozen ice that contained feces and urine the size of a soccer ball “.

After these events happened a year ago, the court ordered the General Directorate of Civil Aviation of India to prohibit aircraft from releasing human waste containers while they are in the air. If a plane’s toilet tank is empty when it lands, the plane must pay a fine.



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