Benjamin Netanyahu said that “several countries” will follow the initiative of the United States and will move their embassy to Jerusalem

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday he is already in contact with other countries that would enlist a declaration to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital , after Wednesday’s announcement by US President Donald Trump.

“I have no doubt that the moment the US embassy is moved to Jerusalem, and even before that, there will be a movement of several embassies, the time has come,” Netanyahu said at an event organized by the Ministry of Foreign Relations. Foreign

In this regard, he said that “he is already in contact with several countries” which, he said, would be preparing similar recognitions for the city as the capital of the Israeli state.

Addressing the audience, he exclaimed: “Welcome to Jerusalem, the capital of the Jewish state of Israel, if you were not aware of it until yesterday, now you are, but we have known it for 3,000 years.” I think yesterday was a historic day. Jerusalem has an extraordinary history and through the millennia significant milestones can be seen, and President Trump’s statement, I think he is one of them.”

Therefore, the prime minister reiterated his praise for the US president. “President Trump entered the history of our capital forever, his name will proudly appear next to other names in the glorious history of our city, ” he said.


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