The most absurd and funny animal images of 2017, according to the  Comedy Wildlife

With the closing of the year, ‘prices’, ‘top bests’ and ‘awards’ come to mind. The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is one of our favorites.

The event was created in 2015 by animal photographer Paul Joynson-Hicks with little impact and ended up becoming a viral phenomenon thanks to the strength of social networks.

It is not going to get the most spectacular photo of the animal world, but the funniest. And this does not require the technical expertise from professional nature photographers, but a lot of patience and – sometimes – pure luck.

But beware, it is not a contest as frivolous as it sounds. The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards has a very serious goal: to make known the work of Born Free , a foundation for the rescue and conservation of endangered species. Here are some of the 39 finalist images of this year:

You can see the rest on this page . [ Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards ]


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