These tragedies generated the greatest Facebook interactions in 2017

The bad: most of them were motivated by tragedies that happened all over the world. The good: almost in all cases, the interaction came to help.

These were the tragedies that moved more people on Facebook:

The earthquake in Mexico

Facebook ensures that no other tragedy ‘moved’ as many people as this one.

The millions of messages referred to people who warned that it was okay, others who offered or asked for help and there were also many movements to collect donations.

Hurricane Harvey

In this case, Facebook managed to make the highest collection of the year, through this social network: 20 million dollars.

What other events produced the most reactions?

International Women’s Day

The Number 1 Day for Facebook, even, doubled their interactions with respect to last year.

Super Bowl 51

And no, it was not for the party but for the part-time show of Lady Gaga and the announcements that were made known during the TV broadcast around the world.

It is estimated that the video views of this sporting event totaled 262 million.

One Love Manchester

This concert of the American singer Ariana Grande achieved record figures for a live broadcast: 80 million views and captured donations of 450,000 dollars for those affected by the terrorist attack in Manchester.

Violence in Las Vegas

This tragedy motivated around 3,300 people to enable tools and help buttons.

Solar eclipse

It generated the creation of 20,000 events on Facebook in 80 countries.


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