The obsession to connect to Wi-Fi is more powerful than other addictions

This is already getting out of control.

If your partner gave you the ultimatum “stop checking your phone all the time or no sex”, what would you be willing to sacrifice?

A study by iPass, one of the largest Internet providers in the world, revealed that the obsession of being connected to a Wi-Fi network is already displacing other people’s big addictions.

The company surveyed 1,700 people in the United States and Europe with this question: which of the following options do you think is the hardest to stop doing?

Just over 60% of respondents answered that it would be impossible or very difficult to leave Wi-Fi, slightly above those who answered that sex (58%), caffeine (43%), junk food (42%), cigar (41%), alcohol (33%), drugs (31%) and bets (22%).


“Because of everything you can do with a smart device and an internet connection, it’s not surprising that mobile users believe that Wi-Fi is highly addictive,” the study reads.

And is that, most respondents see the use of the Internet as a basic need every day.

22% of respondents said they needed more internet every day than going to the bathroom or taking a shower; 19% said they needed more Wi-Fi than human contact.

In addition, 62% said they felt anxious about not having Wi-Fi access. Why? 37% said that for work activities, 32% because that would imply the use of their own data and 22% because their tablet / computer can only connect to the Internet with a wireless.

The addiction to the Internet and Wi-Fi is such that the use of the phone or mobile devices is increasingly common in places and circumstances where it was not previously.

“Cafes, hotels and airports are all de facto popular offices for mobile workers, however, this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the places where people use their smartphones,” the report reads.

And even if you do not believe it, some respondents said they use the phone WHILE THEY HAVE SEX. Yes, this has already become simply sad.


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