​Arsene Wenger: Don’t compare Arsenal’s Invincibles to ‘petrol money’ Manchester City

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has dismissed comparisons between his ‘Invicibles’ of 2003-04 and the current Manchester City juggernaut, saying his side achieved success without “petrol” money.

The Frenchman masterminded arguably the greatest feat in Premier League history when his Gunners side went a season unbeaten, but City are threatening to repeat the trick after racking up 15 straight wins.

However, City’s success could not have been achieved without a serious cash injection from their Abu Dhabi owners – a point Wenger is keen to stress.

“We had no petrol but ideas, they have petrol and ideas,” he barbed.

“So that makes it more efficient and, overall, yes – they are like that, so everybody expects and projects that they will last. Why not? It can happen [Manchester City going the whole season unbeaten], but there is still a long way to go.

“At the moment I think everything goes for them inside the games, but maybe as well they have the quality to turn it in their favour.”

Wenger was asked to clarify his “petrol and ideas” statement and added that while City have extra resources, he still respected their winning run.

“They have resources. Money and quality is what I wanted to say and in their management and players they have everything that is needed to be successful.

“It’s still not easy, they still have to respect that achievement.”

City have amassed 49 points from a possible 51 this season.