15 tender animals that are really very dangerous; Be careful with the bottlenose dolphin

The 15 most dangerous animals you could meet on an ordinary day; You’ll have to be careful and lucky to get out alive.

The animal kingdom is full of dangerous beasts and we are not talking about probably not surviving the attack of a bear, a panther or a poisonous snake, but dangerous animals that are closer to you than you imagine.

Deadly and adorable beasts, poisonous mammals and killer geese, these are 15 cute but very dangerous animals:

1. Bottlenose dolphin

Surely remember the episode of the Simpsons where the dolphins rebelled and ended up banishing humans to the sea. We do not really expect the dolphins to organize for a human hunt, but they are one of the most dangerous marine animals.

While some of them are the attraction of aquatic parks, other dolphins attack other marine animals. There’s even been reports of aggressive bottlenose dolphins off the coast of Ireland and the Cayman Islands that have bitten and nearly drowned swimmers, not to mention the stories of dolphins trying to aggressively rape swimmers. It’s true.

2. Cone snail

It’s exotic, it’s dangerous, it’s a cone snail. The truth is that, it was not expected that such a small animal could cause so many deaths. The conical snail has the ability to produce up to 100 different types of toxin that it uses depending on its prey or its attacker. Equipped with a stinger that can pierce clothes.

A very small amount of venom from this snail is enough to kill 10 people. To this day there is no antidote for cone snail venom.

3. Deer

The deer is more dangerous than it seems. In the United States there is an average of 150 deaths per year related to deers. Most people die from car accidents that hit or tried to dodge a deer that appeared on the road.

But there are also other stranger deaths of people traversed by the antlers of a deer. This has happened when people are near deers in mating time or when females are having calves.

4. Moose

Of course, an animal of such size is dangerous and people have died because these animals are also often traversed by roads. Especially in Canada, Alaska and Maine there are deaths related to traffic accidents caused by moose.

But it has also happened that in hunting season, the elk confuse the hunters with some distracted person who walks by the place and are attacked by these huge beasts.

5. Beaver

As the second largest rodent in the world, beavers have become famous. They are the national animal of Canada, they are funny characters and have had some pretty cute film and tv roles. 

But not everything is sweetness with these prongs.

Beavers are the louts of nature and tend to be very aggressive when it comes to defending their territory. They can organize a group attack and will take out an animal several times their size if needed.

As for humans, there have been several recorded cases of beaver attacks, as well as a man in Belarus who was bitten to death by an angry beaver in 2013.

6. Slow Loris

With their large eyes that awaken an enormous tenderness, the slow loris are considered the only poisonous primate. Within its shoulder, the slow loris has a space that secretes venom and when it feels attacked, the loris absorbs that poison with its mouth and then bites the aggressor, causing an anaphylactic shock.

So far there has been no record of a human death caused by this poisonous venom, but there are reports of forest rangers who were bitten but received the necessary treatment on time.

7. Swan

With the film  Black Swan  we learned that even the most beautiful thing can be very dangerous. Swans are regularly peaceful and very stylish waterfowl. But all that ends when they are in heat. While they are in their mating season, the swans go crazy and tend to attack whoever is near them.

No matter what you are doing, if you have the misfortune to be near these birds while they are in heat, you risk a feathered attack. Reports indicate that there have been people who have drowned because they were attacked by swans.

8. Cassowary

As if Australia did not have enough deadly animals, this giant angry turkey is lethal to those who bother him. The cassowary is one of the most emblematic animals in Australia and if provoked they can be deadly.

To date, only the death of a 16-year-old boy who was attacked by a cassowary in 1926 has been recorded. But do not think that the cassowaries have stopped struggling in their murderous attempts.

9. Akita

When you think of murderous dogs, a doberman, a pit bull or a rottweiler immediately comes to mind, but death has more tender masks. Akita are a type of Japanese dog that are reputed to be excellent guard dogs, hunters and pets.

But it is also known that they are extremely aggressive with other dogs or with unknown people. Although they have not killed anyone, a woman from Ireland lost her arm due to the attack of an Akita.

10. Parrot

They are funny, intelligent and many people have parrots as pets, not knowing that their colorful chattering birds are a potential danger. Not all parrots adapt to home life in a cage and many accidents have been reported of people who have been heavily bitten by their birds.

11. Elephant

Especially in India, where people have frequent contact with these gigantic pachyderms, many deaths of human beings have been reported. They are thought to be peaceful animals, but any mammal that weighs a few tons is an imminent danger. It is estimated that at least 400 people die each year from an elephant attack.

12. Giant anteater

It is immediately thought that these animals with their long horn and elastic tongue are not dangerous animals and maybe they are right; but they forget their sharp claws they use to dig in the ground. With a length of almost 11 centimeters, the claws of an anteater have been lethal to humans; in South America there are reports of people attacked and killed by these bears.

13. Platypus

You better know where Perry is because neglecting this animal can be dangerous. The platypus is a species that has intrigued researchers for being a mixture of duck with beaver, which lays eggs and has poison.

This poison is used mainly to paralyze other males during the heat season and although it is not lethal to humans, a platypus bite can cause great pain.

14. Giant Panda

According to studies, panda bears have the strongest muscles in the jaw of all species of the animal kingdom. Knowing it has cost a lot of pain to some people who thought they could come close to hugging these tender hairballs.

The bite of a panda can break the bamboo poles and have also ripped the arms of some people. Tender and lethal panda bears.

15. Canadian goose

Hospitals in Canada report that injuries such as broken bones, blows to the head and emotional stress due to geese attacks are common.

With a grumpy character, the Canadian geese are birds that walk wherever they please, leave their “little gifts” everywhere and you would be a fool if you dare to bother them.


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