How Mrs Opeyemi died while filling her gas cylinder

Late Mrs Olori Margaret Opeyemi died while using her phone at a domestic gas station, a report has confirmed.

Juicy Links learnt that Mrs Opeyemi died at Osogbo, Osun state while she was making plans to celebrate her mum’s 70th birthday.

Mrs Olori Margaret Opeyemi

It was gathered that she went to refill her cooking gas at the filling station where she received a phone call. According to reports, there was an explosion the moment she picked the call.

The sad news was shared on Sunday, December 17, on Facebook by Desmond Peters. He also shared some of her pictures with the caption:

“This is one of the Directors of State of Osun Ambulance. She died yesterday in Osogbo while using her phone where she was filling her gas cylinder very sad. She was actually celebrating her mum’s 70th birthday & she needed to go and refill as they ran out of gas while cooking.

Mrs Opeyemi died while filling her gas cylinder

She went with her driver and getting to the filling station, she had a call & right inside her car, there was fire ignition & explosion as a result of the phone she answered close to the gas cylinder. Please note that NO telephone calls in the following places:

  1. Petrol Station
  2. Gas filling station
  3. Kitchen
  4. Near your Generator. Also don’t use your telephone light to check the generator.

Be safety conscious and stay alive .”

On Friday, December 15, the family the deceased had a candle light procession on her behalf and on Saturday, December 16, the she was finally laid to rest.