Innocent Chukwuma confirms GT Bank owes him more than four billion naira

Innoson boss, Innocent Chukwuma, has revealed the issues he has with one of Nigeria’s leading financial institution, Guaranty Trust Bank, popularly call GT Bank.

Mr Chukwuma who is regarded as an Igbo chief in his home town, revealed that GT Bank currently owes him about 4 billion naira. 

The entrepreneur also said the Nigeria Port Authority owe him about 2 billion naira.

He said: “The bank (GT Bank) is owing me, they refuse to pay, I took them to court and defeated them in Federal High Court. The total amount they’re supposed to pay me is four point something billion. They went to appeal court, the appeal court said they should pay me, in Appeal Court to Supreme Court… now we are in Supreme Court.”

The automobile dealer also narrated how his imported goods were auctioned out by the Nigeria Port Authority for no reason.

“The court ordered customs to pay me. About two point something billion they refused. customs has money in GT Bank, they refused.”

Here is a clip from the interview: