The 25 most popular passwords of 2017 continue to prove that we deserve all the hacks

Each year SplashData compiles a list of the most popular and used passwords in the world, based on millions of stolen login data published during the last 12 months. And every year, it became clearer to us why we deserve all the hacks.

The 25 most popular passwords of 2017 continue to prove that we deserve all the hacks

It is likely that you already know which are the two most popular passwords in the world: according to the analysis of more than 5 million filtered passwords, the most used are “123456” and “password”. However, this year they have added to the list some new and not at all witty, including “starwars”, “monkey”, “iloveyou”, “whatever” and “freedom”, among other. Ironically, the passwords “letmein” and “trustno1” have also become popular. SplashData considers a popular password as new if it was not on last year’s list.

“Unfortunately, although the new movie is a fantastic new episode for the Star Wars saga , it is dangerous to use” starwars “as your password,” said SplashData CEO Morgan Slain in a statement. “Hackers are using popular pop culture terms and sports to access accounts online because they know that many people use them as passwords, thanks to how easy they are to remember.”

SplashData hopes that publishing this list will encourage people to be more concerned about their internet safety. 

However, taking into account, the data for 2016 and this year, we are still a bunch of idiots. Our passwords are so weak that we are at the mercy of the most novice hackers.

SplashData also mentions that the passwords evaluated for this year’s list come, mostly, from North American and European users, and did not use the passwords leaked by the attacks on adult websites or the hacking of Yahoo.

A good password should be long and not include common phrases . Also, since data leaks are becoming more common, it is important not to use the same password for several sites. A password manager can not only help you not to forget them, but also to create strong passwords.

You can see the seventh annual SplashData list of the most popular passwords below, in order and taking into account how it changed from last year. I must say:

  1. 123456 (Unchanged)
  2. Password (Unchanged)
  3. 12345678 (went 1 position upward)
  4. qwerty (went 2 positions upward)
  5. 12345 (went 2 positions downward)
  6. 123456789 (New)
  7. letmein (New)
  8. 1234567 (Unchanged)
  9. football (went 4 positions downward)
  10. iloveyou (New)
  11. admin (went 4 positions upward)
  12. welcome (Unchanged)
  13. monkey (New)
  14. login (went 3 positions downward)
  15. abc123 (went 1 position downward)
  16. starwars (New)
  17. 123123 (New)
  18. dragon (went 1 position downward)
  19. passw0rd (went 1 position downward)
  20. master (went 1 position upward)
  21. hello (New)
  22. freedom (New)
  23. whatever (New)
  24. qazwsx (New)
  25. trustno1 (New)
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