This is the gift FC Barcelona gave Lionel Messi and his teammates

FC Barcelona gave Lionel Messi and the rest of the team an iPhone X valued at $ 1500 as Christmas gift.


Giving gifts each year to the Catalan stars has already become a tradition.

One year, FC Barcelona gave an iPad to its players as Christmas gift, on another occasion it gave out laptops and other audio gadgets.

Last year, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle was given, but today, the gift is going close to technology. 

Barcelona decided that this Christmas, Lionel Messi and all the staff, including the technical team will remain connected not only in the field but outside of it.

They decided to give them the most talked about cell phone this year, an Iphone X. 

The cell that Barcelona will gift Lionel Messi, Ernesto Valverde and the entire team is valued at $ 1,500 in the European market.

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