China has its first “transparent concrete” solar road ready and wireless charging for electric cars

China continues to give surprises and without much noise they are positioning themselves as the nation of innovations, although they have also had their big failures . Now the Asian country is making known its new bet for the future, which consists of a solar road first of its kind, which also is the first in the country.

Today, only France has a solar road , which is under test, and Holland has a bike path with solar panels that has given very good results.

The difference is that China’s solar road integrates technology designed to recharge electric cars and also be durable.

This new solar road has been installed on a two-kilometer stretch of the Jinan City Expressway, in Jinan City. One of its strengths is that it uses, for the first time, “transparent concrete” , which, according to those responsible for the work, has almost the same structural properties as conventional asphalt.

The road is formed by three layers . The upper one is the aforementioned concrete that serves to offer sufficient friction to the vehicles and, in passing, protects the second layer. The said central layer consists of solar panels with a coating capable of supporting the weight of a medium-sized truck. Lastly, the third layer has been created to separate and protect the panels from the wet ground below, in addition to where the connections and wiring are located.

An important point is that its managers mention that inside the second layer they have also placed wireless charging panels . However, the details or specifications of these are unknown, since the only thing that is known, and they assure, is that they will be ready to charge the future electric cars by magnetic induction even when in motion.

Another detail that is unknown is the capacity of these panels, it is also not known how much energy they will generate per day or for what it will be used.

The company responsible for the project, Quilu Transportation Development Group, mentions that construction is complete and only the connection to the electricity grid is pending , which is said to have batteries to store the energy generated in the future. It is planned to connect the road towards the beginning of 2018 to start operations.

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