This restaurant will replace its ATMs with facial recognition systems: your face to order a hamburger

At this point we are all familiar with the fact that robots will come to replace many of the jobs currently performed by humans . The detail is that many of us believe that there are still a few years left for that to happen, but examples like the one we will see below show us that the time is now maybe not on a large scale, but it is here and the deployment has begun.

Remember when we talk about CaliBurger? Yes, that fast food restaurant that replaced part of its employees in the kitchen with barbecue robots . Well now this company seeks to replace their ATMs with kiosks endowed with artificial intelligence and facial recognition systems, which will be responsible for taking orders and collecting payments from customers.

First the kitchen, now the cashiers … and the delivery people follow

CaliBurger has partnered with NEC Corporation of America to launch a pilot test at its restaurant in Pasadena, California, where they have installed a large machine equipped with NeoFace facial recognition technology and will be used to test the new collection systems in its restaurants

At this kiosk customers can register in the CaliBurger loyalty program, and once inside the program they can customize the preferences of their hamburgers, including the option to enable several users, each with their preferences, as well as being able to include a form of payment that will be automatic. All this will have to be done only once, since afterwards the user will only have to stand in front of the camera and the system will show him the order ready to be confirmed.

The company mentions that it wants to expand the use of facial recognition in its establishments and thus avoid the use of physical cash. In addition, this type of systems will make the service more efficient by making it more agile and direct, since, according to CaliBurger, once the user authorizes the order, he or she should only waits five minutes to receive his order .

It should be noted that it is just a pilot test where they seek to know the response of customers, which will also serve to measure the response time and know if they are actually more efficient. In case everything is a success, during 2018 they will implement this system in all their restaurants in the world, which will also mean the dismissal of all their human cashiers .

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