10 life goals to have an extraordinary 2018

The end of a year is a time of reflection and change . With that in mind, we have a selection of 10 goals that will give you an extraordinary 2018 .


After college, traveling with friends is getting rarer and rarer. And for an understandable reason. Now you are in a serious relationship; with multiple bills to pay; and a career that demands a lot of energy. To sum up, it’s a new moment and a new focus.

But, hey, our friends deserve more attention than that, right? Putting them down is a mistake we usually make when leaving adult life on autopilot.

The days of partying at college games may have lagged behind. But once a year, at least, it’s worth getting the old class together and making a trip , no matter how modest or short. The important thing is to enjoy the company.


You can not spend your entire life depending on your mother, girlfriend or resturants: there comes a time when it is essential for a man to learn how to cook for real.

Firstly, as a matter of independence . You do not want to depend on others forever to feed yourself, right?

Besides, women nowadays are crazy about men with culinary skills . Invite that girl you’re eyeing to try the jelof rice you make – and then you can be sure that you’ve scored a good point .


Miracles do not exist: if you smoke like an advertising cowboy, you drink more alcohol than Don Draper and practice as much exercise as an old dog – you can be sure, the bill will come an hour.

In fact, it is very likely that it has already arrived. You may not have developed even more serious illness. But these exaggerations are bad for our lives in many ways.

Then it’s time to take care of your body as it deserves. Nobody here is telling you to change overnight. The key is in moderation. Smoke less, drink less, practice more sports.

And then, gradually, you can move towards a healthier life .


The term “comfort zone” exists for a reason: you feel comfortable right there. That’s great. But what about battling to make that area a little bigger? And, well, feel more comfortable in new place?

Everyone has their fears or phobias – and whoever says “He dosen’t” simply lacks the courage to admit it, either to himself or to others. The first step, therefore, is to accept this fact. And then struggle to solve it.

A Japanese proverb says that “fear is only as deep as our mind allows.” The best way to overcome fear, therefore, is by facing it. The feeling of satisfaction will then make it worth the effort. You can be sure.

And you will have, in your life, one less obstacle to disrupt your plans and dreams.


In general, we give a disproportionate dimension to our problems ; they look much bigger than they really are. How about getting out of this bubble and looking a little sideways?

There are many people who would certainly be grateful for your help . Whatever you do – volunteering at a nursing home, helping build housing in a social program, or just doing the dishes when you have lunch at your mother’s home – will be a big step for personal growth.

Science itself has even proved that helping others is also helping oneself, for this kind of generous attitude brings us immense well-being. Add the word “generosity” to your life.


According to Arthur Ashe in particular: “Clothes and manners do not make man; but when it is done, they magnify their appearance magnificently. ”

What did he mean by that? Firstly, that appearance is not everything. Elegance goes far beyond that. It is a moral code that values virtues such as generosity, honor, sympathy and humility.

Once you master these virtues, you will be taking the next step in dressing well . Being elegant, both visual and attitude, is something that will make people remember you always with good memories.


“A man who does not spend time with his family can never be a real man.” Whoever watched The Godfather certainly remembers that phrase.

Like any mobster, Don Corleone may have committed his sins, but make no mistake: he was a great man, honored and principled. The film has nice lines from him, but this is one of my favorites.

Sometimes our family can stress us . The grandmother who always insists on you eating more and putting on a coat because of the cold; the mother who calls all the time to know how you are; the brother who borrows your car and returns without gas.

But when you stop to think it through, do you know what would be worse than that? Live without them. There is nothing more valuable in the life of a man than his family.


There are two types of work: those that motivate us – and those that do not. Which group are you in?

Okay, there are moments in life when the financial issue speaks louder than motivation. If you’re full of bills to pay, you can not just quit your job suddenly to pursue your dream, right?

But even in these situations, think about your career . Make plans. Reflect on how you can, even in the long run, include the word “motivation” in your professional routine.

It can be starting your business or getting another degree.

The important thing is to build a career plan . This will make you see the daily difficulties in a necessary step to reach a larger goal.


What do you do in your free time? If the only thing that came to your mind is to chat in WhatsApp thrown on the sofa, it’s a sign that you need to get a new hobby .

Which is better: transforming your leisure time into productive fun or continue vegetating awake?

The daily rush sometimes leads us to leave hobbies aside. This is a big mistake as they represent a stimulating passion .

Invest in you. Is it chess, reading, painting pictures, cooking or soccer? No matter what it is, the point here is to find an activity that brings you satisfaction and personal growth.


Buying a new iPhone or travel to Madagascar? If you are thinking that an iPhone will last for many months (or even years) while the trip will end in 1 week, better think again.

Science has already proved that the acquisition of material goods does not bring happiness for long. After all, we are always wanting more. Did you buy the latest iPhone? Soon you will get used to it and next you will be drooling over the new Playstation or wanting a new car.

Investing your money in experiences, on the other hand, generates lasting happiness. You are creating memories and memories that will accompany you forever.

It is critical, however, to be true to your personality . If you do not like cinemas, for example, it’s no use spending money seeing a movie. Is your business sports? Go to the stadium or set up a go-kart race with your friends.

Money spent on experiences is an investment in yourself.