Samurais are considered icons of Japanese culture. Their dress, weapons and fighting skills have always attracted the attention  of people around the world.

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The samurai legacy, however, goes beyond the military sphere. Their wisdom was conveyed through lessons and proverbs to those who sought to follow the path of philosophical warriors.

Present in books and historical records, these teachings to this day can be applied to day-to-day situations.

It is not necessary to have a katana to learn from the samurai. Here are some proverbs to guide you in life:


Sword and mind must unite. Only technique is insufficient, and only spirit is not enough.

For everything you want to do in life, you need to have  skill and willingness . Without one or the other, you will not succeed in your projects.


As a samurai, I have to strengthen my character; as a human being, I have to perfect my spirit.

Character is something necessary for the human being to evolve. It is essential to deal with the people around and know how to act on occasions. At the same time, having a strong spirit is imperative to living a full life.


Once the will is controlled, the spirit is strengthened. A resolute will samurai can influence ten thousand men.

Control your will in life, as this will help you to follow the right course, without distracting you  with the noises. Often, your strength can become an example to others.


You must understand that there is more than one path to the top of the mountain.

For various situations in life, whether they are complex or simple, there is always a way or another to solve them. If you fail the first try, you can go to the next one.


A samurai should neither drink too much, nor be too sure of himself, nor luxuriate himself.

We should never abuse our attitudes. We can not think that we are too perfect, as if we could not go wrong. We always have to have judgment before our attitudes, and especially to recognize our limits.


Have compassion, help your companions at any opportunity. If opportunity does not arise, get out of your way to find it.

Always be willing to help your friends and closest people. This will show that your friendship is worth keeping. People will understand that they can count on you.