American man labels Nigeria the most corrupt country in the world

Corruption exists in all countries of the world. But Nigerians have since found a way to live with the issues we have so much so that it has become normal.

One American businessman learnt this the hard way when he visited the country recently. Farooq Hashmi took to his Facebook page to share a highly embarrassing experience he had with officials at the Muritala Mohammed Airport in Lagos.

His encounter with the officers made him declare that Nigeria is in a class of its own when it comes to corruption. Read his post below:

“Wow – they put Nigeria on par with Pakistan as two of the most corrupt countries in the world – NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Nigeria is at the top of the list in a category of its own and NO one is remotely close. Here are some experiences within about just 15 minutes and much of our stay was like this.

As we enter the airport to purchase a ticket the security guards want a Christmas gift in order to let our local friend accompany me inside and are holding him hostage.

After finally getting through security making our way to the ticket counter to buy a ticket I’m told I have to have exact change in US Dollars to pay for a ticket as they don’t provide change .

I pay the bulk of the cost and step out to find the closest foreign exchange bureau to get $6 to complete the purchase so as not to lose $94 from a hundred. As I step out I encounter an airport staff member right outside the airline office in the airport. I ask where the closest bureau is and they proceed to tell me they will take me there. I instruct the lady it isn’t necessary and she can just point me in the right direction where she responds – “you don’t want to give me anything?”

She goes on to make it look like we have just committed the greatest crime there is as I walk away and head down a flight of stairs and pop right in front of the closest bureau not more then 30 feet away.

I approach the bureau and request $6 in US currency and am supposed to get some local money returned as change but it is never given and the lady looks at me punches in 16 into the calculator showing me my change which she “doesn’t have” as I laugh and walk away.

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