Zari leave my Diamond alone, I’m in charge – Diamond Platnumz baby mama tells his wife

Tanzanian star singer Diamond Platnumz is in the midst of a storm in his matrimonial home as the fight between his wife, Zari Hassan and new baby mama Hamisa Mobetto goes public.

His wife, Zari Hassan and new baby mama Hamisa Mobetto are bent on outdoing themselves to have him all alone to themselves

Hamisa says she is ready to send Zari out of Diamond’s home. While Zari has been having a running battle with the singer for dating and impregnating someone she sees as too low to her, Hamisa. She had even said Diamond is on probation for cheating on her with the latest baby mama and sleeping with a ‘low life’ on their matrimonial bed and home. 

According to SDE, Zari said:

“I can even date a hundred men, I love being loved…Even if i left him today, I will date someone tomorrow. He is on probation! Why cheat on me with a low life, in my bed and without a condom? We had a discussion and I made it very clear that he should stop misbehaving and focus on his family and career. Until then, with musicians you never know when the next scandal is going to happen, I’m just out here with my guns ready. But he is being the man he supposed to be.”

This time around, Hamisa has shown she is a match to the socialite. She has become a threat Zari as her radio comment got to her the wrong way and thus she has planned to kick out Zari Hassan from Diamond Platnumz’s house according to SDE.

The report added:

“With their relationship on the rocks, Tanzanian singer Diamond and his Ugandan lover Zari Hassan could call it a day sooner than anyone expected. Hamisa Mabetto is even threatening to hasten the process having travelled to Uganda to ask Zari to leave Diamond alone as the two are now an item,”


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