​Gunmen kill 10 villagers in Kaduna

10 people in a Christians dominate area in Kaduna state, Nigeria have been killed by unknown gunmen, officials have reported.
Information gathered revealed that the 10 people killed, where attacked in two separate operations that took place in the same state.

On Christmas Eve, six people were killed when gunmen suspected to be ethnic Fulani Muslims stormed Ungwan Mailafiya, they said.
The killings followed an attack in nearby Nindem late Friday where gunmen opened fire on a congregation, killing four and injuring 10, said a local lawmaker.

“While we were mourning the deaths at Nindem … the security personnel received distress calls of another attack at Ungwan Mailafiya”, parliamentarian Shehu Nicholas Garba said in a statement.

“By daybreak on Christmas, six persons had been confirmed killed, including a child of about six years old, and many others injured,” he said.

A spokesman from the state government said troops had been deployed to prevent further violence.

Southern Kaduna has for three decades been locked in tit-for-tat killings between indigenous Christian farming communities and Muslim Hausa and Fulani settlers.

The dispute was originally over land and grazing rights but has lately degenerated into ethnic and religious conflicts, leaving hundreds dead.