They had rescued him, but left him to die seconds later: The dreadful death of a person falling from the 15th floor

He had entered a new building in Lima, Peru, with the supposed intention of buying an apartment. But suddenly he revealed his suicidal intentions.

A man in his 30s entered a new apartment tower in the Pueblo Libre area of ​​Lima, Peru, with the supposed intention of finding out conditions to buy a home. But suddenly he went up to the roof and warned that he was going to commit suicide.

The sales managers called the police, who arrived with a rescue team, when the man was already standing on a thin plinth, facing the void, 15 floors from the street.

A petty officer, hanging from a harness, managed to grab him , but after a few seconds, the man screaming he wanted to die, managed to get loose and fell to a balcony on the third floor where he died instantly.

The rescue attempt and the fall were recorded in stunning video on
This happend two days to Christmas.
According to officers, the 25-30-year-old man had screamed he wanted to die, but his identity and reasons for his suicide have not yet been determined.

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