​Neymar shares photo of himself and son having father-son time in a private jet

Born on February 5, 1992, Brazilian football star Neymar is one of the players who have made so much money in football thanks to the clubs he has played and currently playing for.
Gone are the days when Neymar used to play football on the street of Brazil, but today history can bare witness that Neymar played for Spanish club Barcelona before moving to Paris-Saint-Germain where he currently plays.

Many football fans don’t know that Neymar has a son called Davi Lucca da Silva Santos who was born August 24, 2011 by Carolina Nogueira Dantas.

Davi Lucca is now a six-year old boy and it is expected that Neymar would want him to follow his footsteps in football.

Football stars around the world are currently celebrating Christmas with their families, and Neymar has also posted an incredible photo of himself and his son where they relaxed at the entrance of their private jet.