​Yusuf Buhari not flown to Germany for medical treatment – Presidency

The presidency has denied report that Yusuf Buhari was flown out of the country to Germany for medical treatment.

President Muhammadu Buhari’s son, Yusuf Buhari, was reportedly flown out of the country to Germany for treatment, according to report by The Cable.

However, Garba Shehu denied the report saying it was not true and that the president’s son still remains in Nigeria.

Juicy Links had reported that the president’s son was involved in an accident in Abuja on Tuesday, December 26, and is receiving treatment at Cedacrest hospital.

The presidency in a statement had said Yusuf was in a stable condition but The Cable reports that sources said he was still in intensive care unit.

The source said: “The statement did not reflect the true situation of things. The boy is in a critical condition. He has been in the intensive care unit.

“Some doctors in the hospital were even scared to attend to him just in case anything went wrong. Imagine doctors being scared to perform their duty. He is the only son of the president.”


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