Some Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are shutting down when the battery runs out completely

A group of users of the Galaxy Note 8 claim that their devices have stopped working forever once the battery ran out to 0% charge. According to the users, Samsung has changed their terminals for refurbished units to solve the problem.

During the last few years, batteries have been involved in almost all the controversies related to the world of smartphones, including the case of the explosive batteries of Galaxy Note 7 and the discovery that Apple slows iPhone models with degraded batteries.

However, the Galaxy Note 8 case seems to be isolated to few units. Affected users say that once the battery reached 0% charge, they were unable to reload and turn it on, so they requested a change.

This problem is not the first time it happened on a device, nor is it limited to Samsung. As explained in the Android Central forums , some lithium-ion batteries need a minimum amount of energy to run the load controls. A possible solution is to connect it for a couple of minutes even if it doesn’t show signs of life.

Samsung has so far not official addressed the matter. The recommendation, be it a Galaxy Note 8 or any mobile of any brand, is still not to let the battery run out completely before charging it again.