The obscene and millionaire agreement that the dictator Robert Mugabe signed with the current government of Zimbabwe

The dictator who ruled Zimbabwe as president for 37 years will continue to live in the state as a king

Mugabe during the ceremony of his inauguration in a 60,000-seat sports stadium in the country’s capital, Harare, on August 22, 2013. The inauguration came after getting another five-year term in an election that the opposition considered fraudulent

The dictator Robert Mugabe, 93 obtained a unique immunity and impunity agreement. The man who ruled Zimbabwe for decades managed to agree not only to be untouchable by the judicial and fiscal authorities, but also ensured a life of super luxury that will continue to be funded by the new leaders he submitted to.
More than a month after his resignation, the Herald  newspaper revealed the most scandalous points of the pact between Mugabe  and his wife and the authorities that seized power, with President Emmerson Mnangagwa at the helm.

According to the local press and as Juicy Links reported after the fall of the old tyrant, Mugabe got a single compensation: 10 million dollars to accept to leave power after 37 years under his rule. The Zimbabwean government has tried to deny that part of the agreement, but without success.

The Blue Roof mansion that the dictator managed to keep, including so many luxury items and benefits paid by the state

And recently, what aroused outrage in the local press and among the citizens, is the scandalous and obscene agreement signed by the central government that benefits the country’s former presidents. Better said: the tyrant president. Is that according to the new rule, those who meet their mandate will receive the same salary as the acting president.

But the agreement includes much more. Mugabe will have about 20 employees, six of whom will be his own security escort that will follow him 24 hours a day, even if the dictator does not move much from the dream residence he managed to keep as his property. All salaries and expenses, of course, are paid by the central administration.

However, it does not end there either. In addition to his pension – equivalent to what the current president earns – his wife Grace Mugabe will receive a retirement as a former first lady. It is estimated that it will be about 75 thousand dollars per month. That of the tyrant will be double .

The list goes on: in addition to the 20 full-time employees at his disposal, Mugabe will have a fleet of presidential cars. Three Mercedes Benz S500 Series , or its equivalent in another luxury brand, an all-terrain vehicle and a pick-up truck. All of them must be replaced every five years.

Did it end there? Not at all. The family will also have almost unlimited travel allowance. That is, the government will provide diplomatic passports that will give them immunity around the world, also first class seats and private jets, both for domestic and non-domestic flights.

Mugabe will have tickets to shows of all kinds throughout the country. In addition, they will have the best medical insurance guaranteed for the rest of their lives. In addition, his children are also affected by some of these benefits.