Taiwan accidentally includes a photo of a US airport in its new electronic passports

Lately there are many companies and entities that lift photos from the internet thinking it will convey the intended message, but only to findout later that the photo was misleading. It happened a few weeks ago to Uber , who tried to congratulate Puerto Rico on its Flag Day and accidentally published a photo of the flag of Cuba. The last victim is Taiwan, who has made a mistake that can not be erased so easily.

An exterior shot of Washington Dulles International from the American capital made it onto the background of Taiwan’s 200,000 newly issued digital passports. It was supposed to be a shot of Taoyuan International Airport.

The mistake was discovered by someone on Facebook. The user who spotted the error said that apparently Taiwan was now the fifty-first state of the United States.

At first, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs claimed that the image was “100% of a Taiwanese landscape.” But the ministry later retracted, declaring that passport designers had sought inspiration on the Internet and had confused Washington Dulles Airport with Taoyuan.

Mail Online

Mashable notes that a quick search in Google Images for the Taiwan airport brought up a Dulles photo mislabeled as Taoyuan. The fourth image looks like the image on the passport and comes from an article listing ” 10+ best airports to spend a long layover.” No. 10 is Taiwan Taoyuan International with the Dulles image.

A search on Google Images by Taoyuan International Airport shows a picture of Dulles. Image: Mashable

The ministry declared that the 285 copies of the erroneous passport already delivered would be replaced and that it would destroy the 200,000 printed copies that it still had to distribute. The new passport will be printed in January.


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