Be a more productive man in 2018 by adopting 7 simple habits

Remember that day when you came home rather tired, but with an indescribably good feeling of being quite productive? On the other hand, there were days so unproductive that it might have been better not to have gotten out of bed.

How to make productive days frequent and the sweet taste of having fulfilled your duty?

You can turn productivity ON by leaving it ON. To be able to turn it ON you will need to press three buttons:


Acquire continuous knowledge and practical skills useful to your work. They will allow you think, analyze, make decisions and, above all, act efficiently and effectively. Remember, anyone who is ignorant will never be productive.


It mainly concerns organizing the time and resources needed to carry out your tasks. Without minimally adequate working conditions, the effort – no matter how intense – will prove useless.


Let’s now deal with attitudes. You certainly know people who know how to do, can do, but don’t want to do anything. In these cases, productivity is switched OFF. When the human being says “I don’t want” it is impossible to take any project forward.

If you are suffering from what some call generically as “laziness” or “ill will,” I recommend carefully investigating the causes of this sudden disinterest in work.

To help you increase productivity, I’ve put together 7 practical tips :

  1. Schedule all activities to be undertaken and set goals around them.
  2. Surround yourself with as much useful information as you can about the work you do.
  3. Eliminate distractions and focus on what needs to be done.
  4. Create short breaks to “aerate” the brain.
  5. See the possibility of having  good quality tools.
  6. Continuously evaluate the results on a daily, weekly, and monthly bases.
  7. Adopt the spirit of overcoming your limits, always seeking to do more and better.

Wish you a more productive year…



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