Protests in Iran: 10 other protesters were killed while marching against the regime

The Iranian regime confirmed the death of at least 10 people involved in the Sunday night protests against the authorities, although it did not specify where the events took place.

According to official sources, security forces repelled “armed protesters” who tried to take over a police station and a military base. In social media some confrontations were spread with a harsh repression, as well as peaceful protests throughout the country.

Previously, a local Izeh deputy had reported the death of two people by bullets. “Inhabitants of Izeh manifested themselves as in other parts of the country against economic difficulties, unfortunately, two people died and others were injured, I do not know if the shots came from the forces of order or from demonstrators, ” Hedayatolá Jademi was quoted as saying by the agency. Press Office, close to the reformers.

Four days of demonstrations

Two people died on Sunday afternoon in Dorud, in an incident indirectly linked to the protests . Some protesters seized a fire truck and let it go on top of a slope. In its descent, it hit a vehicle whose “two passengers died,” the governor of the city told state television.

In addition, two people had lost their lives on Saturday in the same city in western Iran , but the provincial deputy governor said that the security forces did not shoot at the demonstrators.
The violence on Sunday night was recorded after President Hassan Rohani’s call for calm.

Demonstrations against the high cost of living and criticism of officials began on Thursday in Iran.

The police used all their resources to suppress the demonstrations in Tehran, where at least 200 people were arrested, according to official figures provided on Sunday. Some of those people have already been released while others have gone to court, a head of the security department of the governorship of Tehran, Ali Asgar Naserbajt, quoted by the local Iranian news agency ILNA .
Telegram, the most popular social platform among the Iranians, where calls were made to others to participate in the protests has completely stopped working. Instagram was also blocked by the regime.

These are the largest anti-government demonstrations in Iran since 2009 , when the opposition “green movement” organized several days of protest against the re-election of then-President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who were severely repressed.

The protests began on Thursday in the city of Mashad and have continued in the last three days in various cities of the country. including the capital, Tehran, in all of which the participants chanted slogans against the economic policy of the government and President Rohaní, and the theocratic regime of the country .

All the political figures who made statements this weekend acknowledged that the town is under hard economic pressure, but regarding the demonstrations some expressed their support while others totally rejected this type of protests.