The new project from the director of Devil May Cry 4 is in its climax

Hideaki Itsuno: I’m doing a great game, so please wait for it

You probably remember that, on the last day of 2016, Hideaki Itsuno, a director known for his work on Devil May Cry 4 and Rival Schools, sent a New Year’s message in which he promised he would launch a new game last year . We are already in 2018, and as you know, Itsuno has not shown any project; however, the engineer guarantees that its development is already in its “climax”.

Through a post on his Twitter handle, Itsuno wished all his followers happy year. Also, the engineer took the opportunity to apologize for not having presented his game in 2017 as he had promised.
That said, everything seems to be in an advanced stage and Itsuno believes that it is a “great game”.
“Happy New Year! I’m sorry I could not present a new project last year. The development of the new project is at its climax. I’m doing a great game, so please wait for it, “said Itsuno.