Why do we feel sleepy after sex?

A while ago, we talked about a study here on Juicy Links arguing that the post-sex period is as important as the pre-sex moment.

After intercourse, our body is flooded with oxytocin – the so-called “love hormone” – generating affection between the couple.

This development also increases women’s sexual satisfaction with their partners, according to a survey.

It turns out that after orgasm, another less romantic hormone is also released in men’s body: prolactin, which reduces testosterone levels in the body and causes drowsiness.

That’s why men feel sleepy after sex. It’s a physiological matter.

According to a study conducted by the University of Michigan, which involved 456 participants, the tendency to falling asleep shortly after sex is associated with greater partner desire for bonding and affection.

The research pointed out that sexual satisfaction is not only affected by the act itself, and that the post-sex behavior is also important.

If you want to strengthen your relationship, therefore, it is preferable that you do not fall asleep right after having sex.

Make an effort to chat with your partner for a few moments. It doesn’t have to be long. According to the survey, 6 minutes is enough to make her feel more loved.

Then, yes, after that, you can indulge in the glorious sleep that your body wants.


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