The new car for GTA Online can be equipped with machine guns

The online version of Grand Theft Auto V has received an update. In it, players will find a new car that be equip with machine guns.
The name of the first vehicle is the “Despetra” and it is a car ready to receive several improvements and thus be customized according to the owner’s taste. So, you will have the option to buy it in Legendary Motorsport and later improve it with light machine guns, fenders, grills and rear-view mirrors. Also, you can customize the appearance with various painting styles and neon lights.

Do you want to see what a customized version of the Despetra looks like? Then check out the image that Rockstar shared:

That’s not all, since Rockstar is also offering several vehicles at a 25% discount, among them are the Coil Cyclone, the Crotti Bisione and the Ocelot Ardent.