Audi promises once again to abandon repetitive design process

Many brands these days abuse brand design in their aesthetic language. Thus, almost all the models are the same you only have to choose in what size you want your car.

Although Audi is not the only brand guilty of this but has received a lot of criticisms in recent years for abusing designs.

However, Audi is the first to admit that it has not necessarily been good in designs and that from now on it will return to a clearer differentiation between its models.

According to Audi’s new design chief Marc Lichte, its new models will be completely different from each other, leaving behind the “copy and paste” strategy.

Lichte assured that in the future there will be room for the differentiation between the models and every model will have its own characteristics .

While it is hard to believe, the truth is that in a way we could see a preview of this new strategy with the new Audi Q2, a crossover that came with a casual exterior design, that managed to break the design’s mold, enjoying a characteristics prop. Of course, however, the Q2 is quickly recognizable as a model of the Audi family, although it is not an Audi Q5 on a reduced scale, just as it is seen in Q7.

This new stylistic strategy will have as its starting point the arrival of the first purely electric car of the German firm, the Audi e-tron , which will arrive to the market at the end of this 2018.

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