This Bangkok clinic receives dozens of patients each week to whiten the penis with laser

Anus whitening has been around for a while , but at this clinic in Bangkok they receive an average of 20 to 30 patients a week to whiten their penis, a new treatment with serious side effects that has forced the Ministry of Health of Thailand to issue a warning.

According to the BBC, skin-lightening treatments are not unusual in Southeast Asia, where a dark complexion is associated with outdoor work and poverty. However, this apparent tendency to whiten the genitals has made Thais wonder if the beauty industry – of which they are world leaders – is taking things too far.

This Bangkok clinic receives dozens of patients each week to whiten the penis with laser

The government made it clear. In an official statement, the Ministry of Health said that “laser penis whitening is not necessary, it is a waste of money and can generate more negative than positive effects”, including pain, inflammation and scars in the area in question. In addition it has a harmful effects on the reproductive system and the ability to have sex.

The Lelux Hospital clinic, on the other hand, seems satisfied with its work. They introduced vulva bleaching four months ago, and they realized that people often asked for an alternative to the penis. A month later, they also began offering penis whitening at a price of $ 650 for each pack of five sessions.
The procedure consists of degrading the melanin of the skin by laser. According to a spokesperson for the clinic, it has become popular “among gay men and transvestites who take good care of their private parts” and attracts patients from as far away as Burma, Cambodia and Hong Kong.

One of these patients told the BBC that he had undergone a penis whitening because he “wanted to be more confident when putting on swimming pants”; He had been in session for two months and had already noticed a change in the colour of his skin.

“Stopping the treatment will make the colour of the penis return to normal, and could lead to unpleasant-looking spots,” the Health Ministry warned in the statement.